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These Birthday Cake Ideas For The Bollywood Fan In Your Life Are Sure to Blow Them Away

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Discover tempting Bollywood-themed birthday cake ideas on Cadbury Desserts Corner, to show how much you love them.

These Birthday Cake Ideas For The Bollywood Fan In Your Life Are Sure to Blow Them Away

Interesting cake ideas to show your Bollywood-obsessed friend how much you love them, and how life might indeed just be one long Bollywood film.

To paraphrase the legendary Big B, do you know someone who can talk Bollywood, who can walk Bollywood, who can laugh Bollywood, because Bollywood is their everything? It goes without saying that they would, of course, appreciate a Bollywood themed cake for their birthday. With some fondant and a lot of enthusiasm, you can make them a cake they’ll remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Here’s some ideas to get the creative juices flowing:

Movie Poster Cake

A standard rectangular cake can serve as the base for a poster. Choose one of the posters as the image that will rest on the entire length of the cake. Or, use moments from the movie itself, like an image from the birthday person’s favorite scene or recalling their favorite actor in the film. If you’re not especially artistic, use an edible ink printer to print the image onto the cake. This is especially apt if you’re planning a party themed around one specific film or scene.

Favorite Film Star Cake

From Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic tilted stance with open arms, to Hrithik Roshan’s signature moves in Ek Pal Ka Jeena; and from Alia Bhatt naming Prithviraj Chauhan as the President of India on Koffee with Karan, to Hema Malini’s sublime Dream Girl act, Bollywood is filled with exceptional moments. Pick the birthday person’s favorite actor and then zoom in on one of their signature moves or dialogues. Recreate that moment with edible images or fondant figurines.


Favorite Film Cake

Populate the cake with motifs from the birthday person’s favorite movie. Think about their favorite scene and recreate that with fondant elements. Add iconic dialogues and song lyrics from the movie. Perhaps, maybe even put the box office collection or other interesting, catchy information on the cake? Make sure the cake and frosting colors are in line with the movie’s look and feel, and watch your loved one’s favorite film come to life…on a cake!


Film Reel Cake

This one has been especially popular in recent times. Around a circular cake, add a fondant film reel. Each picture on the reel, made of edible images, can have special significance, including images of the birthday person’s favorite actors, movies, singers, songs, and so on. Add a fondant made film reel on top of the cake, as though it's opening up and winding around the sides, and voila! You have a scrumptious reel cake everyone wants a piece of!

The Film Theater Cake

This one is right up there for cinema lovers, who can’t spend a week without hitting the theaters. With fondant, make tiny tubs of popcorn and a glass of sugary soda; add movie tickets, film awards, and other cinema-related objects, all made of fondant. Also, add a caramel popcorn topping, and use bits of frosting to stick pieces of popcorn on the sides. Make a small fondant popcorn machine, from which these popped kernels overflow. Create a fondant red carpet leading up to the cake and you’re all set to dig into a cake fit for a true cinephile!

Retro-themed cake

Bollywood has had a fascinating and vibrant history that spans decades, including the good old retro years of the ‘80s. From bold moments like the legendary Sharmila Tagore in a bikini in An Evening in Paris, to Mithun Chakraborty’s memorable moves in Disco Dancer, there are a whole range of iconic cinematic moments to choose from fit for this cake for a cinema history nerd. Use edible print to create black-and-white images, or go a step further and use frosting and fondant to create a black-and-white cake itself. Add the images onto this and transport everyone to an earlier era.

Musical Cake

Bollywood music has its own distinct personality. From the innocence of the romances in black-and-white films, to the excitement of today’s catchy dance numbers, it’s worth finding out what the birthday person likes best to add some interesting references from their favorite songs to the cake. To make it even more wholesome, make musical notes with fondant and add lyrics with icing to enhance the appeal of the cake.

(Tip: Instead of singing Happy Birthday, maybe even play the song when the cake is being cut.)


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