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Bake your way into his heart this Valentine's Day

By Aurodeep Mukherjee
Bake your way into his heart this Valentine's Day

Sweetness can be thought of as the theme for Valentine’s Day. Be it through kind gestures or Valentine’s day chocolate, we celebrate the sweetness of love this day of the year. Want to make him feel really special today? Here are a few sweet ideas for you to do just that.

Not only are these cake ideas delicious, they are also suited to different moods of love – from the darkly passionate to the sweet and gentle. These recipes are also relatively easy to make and don’t involve slogging long hours in the kitchen. So pick your poison of choice, and get cooking. As many of these require refrigeration, we would suggest that you get started a day earlier.

A Sleepy Love: Choco Chips Pancakes

A special occasion calls for a special start to the day: breakfast in a bed. And here’s your chance to set the tone for the day with this special Valentine’s day breakfast pancakes. Just combine flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar with milk, eggs, and melted butter – your pancake batter is ready. Add in the star ingredient: Cadbury Choco Chips, and cook the pancakes on a nonstick pan. The warm aroma of the chocolate and butter will entice him even before he opens his eyes. Serve the pancakes with a hat of whipped cream and gooey Cadbury Choco Melts. There, that will be a memorable morning.

A Gentle and Sweet Love: Bubbly Oreo Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

If red is the color of passion, pink is the color of a love that is gentle and sweet. And that is exactly what this fresh strawberry ice cream pie is all about. It is the perfect accompaniment to your Valentine’s day chocolate with its lovely color and fruity aesthetic. This recipe has a surprise ingredient: salt, which complements the heavenly sweet filling that makes this pie irresistible: crushed strawberries, whipped cream, condensed milk, and – wait for it – strawberry ice cream. Don’t forget the top layer of strawberries and sugar.

A ‘Heartbreaking’ Love: Cadbury Loaded Pinata Cake

Sometimes hearts do break in the course of love, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that. What you can do, however, is to plan a ‘heartbreak’ for him. And this Valentine’s Day chocolate dessert recipe creates just such an opportunity for you. Make the chocolate case using molten Cadbury Cooking Dark Block. Once the chocolate sets, remove it from the mold and decorate it as you fancy. Next, it's time to hide some treats underneath. Hand him the hammer, and – smash! The outer chocolate shell shatters to reveal the goodies inside. This Valentine’s Day cake is the only ‘heartbreak’ you need in life!

A Not-So-Vanilla Love: Flourless Cadbury Cake with Vanilla

Why stick to conventional displays of romance? Why not explore the world beyond plain ol’ chocolate cakes and vanilla kisses to something a little more daring? The rewards are definitely worth it. Just like this Cadbury vanilla dessert, which is a unique but perfect cake for your Valentine’s Day celebration. This cake uses no flour at all, making it light and oh-so-airy. One bite, and will know what it is like to have a creamy chocolate cloud in your mouth. Don’t forget to pour the decadent sauce, all cream and butter, on top of this mousse-like cake. Serve right away.

An Explosive Love: Hot Chocolate Bomb Explosion

Sometimes you just need something unique and explosive to spice things up. And these little Valentine’s Day chocolate bombs will help you do just that. First, make half-spherical shells out of melted chocolate, then pack them tight with treats: marshmallow, dried raisins, sprinkles, peppermint candy. Then all you need is just a little white chocolate decoration. Make hot chocolates on the side, and drop one of your ‘bombs’ in a transparent mug. Hand it to him, and watch his expression turn to delight as all the hidden gems pop out through the melting chocolate.

A Decadent Love: Bournville Praline Cake

Do you want to go all out to impress him with your baking skills? This is a Valentine’s Day cake idea for you, combining all the gorgeousness and decadence of chocolate and nuts. The buttermilk in this bundt cake ensures a soft, moist texture, perfect to make the chunks of Cadbury Bournville that go into it stand out. These melting pellets of deliciousness are the highlight of this cake. Don’t forget the garnishes though – toasted almonds candied in caramel and layered on a chocolate ganache. This cake takes a little longer than most, but we guarantee that it will be a showstopper!

An Elegant Love: Chocolate Pudding

This luscious dessert is all you need to wrap up your Valentine’s Day dinner date. These elegant little cups of chocolate pudding are made by layering crunchy Bournvita biscuits and a creamy chocolate custard, and topped with brightly colored Cadbury Gems. This recipe contains no eggs and perfect for can be whipped up in under 35 minutes! Just remember to add a dash of whipped cream for some extra decadence. We promise you will end your meal in style!


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