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Watch out for the top cake trends of 2023

solar_calendar-linear Nov 7, 2023 6:54:33 PM

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Discover the upcoming cake trends for 2023! From new flavors to unique designs, learn what's in store for the world of cake in the near future.

Watch out for the top cake trends of 2023

Trends have taken the internet by storm. It’s fascinating to understand why a pattern is formed, and why it is being replicated by the world. Undoubtedly, the rise of social media has a huge role in the passing of information. And what you see is what you remember.

The last few years have really allowed for cake trends to shine. Creators across the world have put their best foot forward to create unending varieties of drool-worthy cakes. From the ornate Lambeth cakes and the messy pull-me-up cakes, to the jaw-dropping mirror glaze cake and cute little Bento cakes that filled our hearts with pure joy – we’ve seen it all. These cake trends shared by big and small bakers have been savored by us all, even from across the screens of our cell phones! Here’s hoping we all get to relish one of these cakes in 2023.

A Roundup of Our Favorites from 2022

Lambeth Cakes: Named after Joseph Lambeth, who popularized this style of decorating in the 1930s, this is a complex technique that is ideal for advanced bakers. Lambeth piping is done by overlapping layers of icing in an intricate pattern. These dreamy cakes are perfect for weddings.

Bento Cakes: We all love mini versions of great things, and so it is for the Bento Cake. This mini cake is inspired by the Japanese bento box – a cake nestled in a takeout box. Its quirky decoration, colorful trimmings, and petite portions make it one of a kind.

Spatula Painting Cakes: A one-of-a-kind masterpiece, this cake needs angled and tapered spatulas to ‘paint’ buttercream, and in the process, find your inner Van Gogh! With this technique, the cake is your canvas. Go ahead and paint.

Semi-Naked Cake: This is as simple as it gets – a naked cake with the thinnest layer of buttercream. This clever trend was probably started by someone that ran out of icing while decorating their cake!

What We Are Excited to See in 2023

As with most trends, new cake designs take inspiration from things in the past. This makes sense given how long it takes to learn, teach, and replicate a completely new technique. We also think that the coming year will see a lot more focus on the decorations than the building of complex flavors. Think of 2023 as a time when you will really benefit from big chocolate molds and fondant over anything else.