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Top birthday cupcake recipes of all time

By Aurodeep Mukherjee
Top birthday cupcake recipes of all time

As a beginner, baking a big birthday cake can seem overwhelming and put you off the task for good. But it need not be so. Why not try your hand at baking mini cakes or – as they are better known – cupcakes? There are a ton of easy cupcake recipes that are delicious and only take a bit of your time.

The Backstory to Cupcake Recipes

Cupcakes seem like an obvious creation today, but ever wondered how they came about? Truth is, the history of these little cakes cooked in tiny molds goes back to the eighteenth century! It required the genius of the woman credited with being America’s first cookbook writer, Amelia Simmons, to imagine this delicacy.

Simmons’ ‘cup cake’ recipe was published in her 1796 cookbook, and not surprisingly it was very different from how we think of cupcakes today. Think of a mix of flour, butter and sugar with a glass of wine and a glass of rosewater. Ummm, yes that’s what you would’ve got if you wanted a cupcake four hundred years ago!

A Birthday Cupcake for Every Birthday Boy and Girl

Simmons’ cupcakes have come a long way. We certainly don’t need wine or rosewater to make the best batch of cupcakes ever! Her creation set the ball rolling, and today there is a delightful world of cupcakes that is waiting to be explored.

Like they say, there is a cupcake for everyone, young and old. Here we bring you a host of birthday cupcake recipes. Think chocolate cupcakes, rich and moist. Or red velvet, with its cloud of cream cheese that melts in your mouth as soon as you take the first bite. Or, Oreo cupcakes with their oh-so-satisfying crunch in every mouthful.

Next time there is a birthday ringing, dust off those mini molds and cupcake pans and get baking. We promise cupcakes aren’t scary.

The classic cupcake: Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes

We all know that one person who refuses to touch anything sweet that is not chocolate. That one person who would pick chocolate over absolutely anything else. Want to give them the best birthday present ever? Make this cupcake and thank us later. With this classic chocolate cupcake recipe, you get soft, spongy chocolate cupcakes topped with the most indulgent ganache. All this in under an hour. The cake gets its moist decadence from the buttermilk and oil, while the brown sugar adds a layer of complexity to the sweetness. It is topped with swirls of chocolate cream.

The cupcake to melt your heart: Cadbury Melt Cupcakes

This is a birthday cupcake for the one that loves surprises! What can be better than having icing on your cupcake? Perhaps having icing in it. Imagine this: You have a cupcake that looks ordinary, almost disappointing, sitting on a plate. You hesitate – perhaps you should go for the fancy one with a blueberry cream cheese frosting? But you decide to take a bite anyway. And there it is. The secret within. Your mouth is flooded with molten chocolate deliciousness, submerging your senses in pure bliss. This chocolate cupcake recipe is one of the best you will ever come across. With its low solid-to-liquid batter ratio, these cupcakes are baked to the point where they are spongy on the outside but gooey on the inside. Serve with a dollop of vanilla icecream for that extra something.

The cupcake for the football fan: Oreo Cookie Football Cupcakes

A dessert can perhaps be improved in just one way: make it two desserts! These Oreo cupcakes bring in the much-loved taste of Oreo cookies with the added charm of an imaginative ‘sporty’ touch. Good ol’ vanilla cake is jazzed up with crumbled cookies mixed into the batter. The cupcakes are then topped with a spiral of whipped cream and sprinkles. On top of this sits the crowning jewel: a half cookie, decorated with whipped cream to look like lace on footballs. This is a fun recipe and perfect birthday cupcake for the football fanatic.

The best of both worlds cupcake: Mini Cheesecake Cups

What is the tastier part of a cheesecake? Is it the crumbly buttery base, or is it the fluffy cream cheese layer that coats the tongue with its creaminess and coats the soul in ecstasy? Thankfully, you never have to choose, as they come together in a match that will surely send you to food heaven. The base here is made with crushed Oreo cookies and butter, while cream cheese, heavy cream and condensed milk are combined to form the top layer. After a quick stint in the oven, you have the perfect bite – soft, molten cheese and a buttery crunch.

The return to camp cupcake: Oreo Muffins

It is an Oreo fest today. Hope you have your cookie jars ready because we have another Oreo cupcake that is a crunchy delight. This recipe combines the warmth of a campfire - the coziness of toasted marshmallow and friendly banter with the efficiency of a breakfast muffin. With a base of curd and flour and chopped cookies and a topping of melted marshmallows and crispy cookie chunks, this Oreo Muffins cupcake combines the best of everything.


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