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Cadbury Chhanar Jilipi Recipe

mdi_user Sweet Shops of West Bengal
solar_calendar-linear 1712055600000
Author :Sweet Shops of West Bengal
Published : 1712055600000

One of the most beautiful festivals, Baha Parab welcomes spring when sal, palash and mahua flowers are in full bloom. The Santhal community immerse in the festivities, expressing their gratitude towards nature, and singing & dancing to the beats of madol






Time:35 mins


Contains egg: No

Baha Re’ - a melodious fusion song speaks of the preparation for the festival all through the authentic Baha verse. And the lyrics of ‘Bahar Mase Dokkhin Hawa’ paint a vivid canvas of imagination where the flowers of Spring ring in happiness in hearts that sparks celebration.


  1. Step 01

    Mix all the ingredients properly. Then add 2 TSP of baking soda and add 30 gms of refined oil and again will mix it properly to make a dough. From the dough cut small balls and give them shape of jhilipi.

  2. Step 02

    After completing the process it is deep fried in desi ghee and soak it in sugar syrup for 2 hrs.

  3. Step 03

    After taking it out from sugar syrup it is served by garnishing with chocolate syrup, chopped cashew and a Cadbury Dairy Milk pip on top.

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