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Halloween Oreo Spiders

mdi_user Atsi Thepa
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Author :Atsi Thepa
Published : 1672237380000






Time:30 mins


Contains egg: No

For the Recipe

  • 24 nos Oreo CookiesBuy
  • ⅓ cup Creamy peanut butter
  • 24 nos Mini Oreo CookiesBuy
  • ½ cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
  • 48 nos Mini candy button eyes


  1. Step 01

    Take the 24 Oreo Cookies. Spread about ¾tsp of peanut butter on each cookie.

  2. Step 02

    Take one Mini Oreo Cookie. Split it in half, with the creme on one half of the cookie.

  3. Step 03

    Place the cookie halves, with edges slightly overlapping, on each peanut butter-topped cookie for the spider’s body and head.

  4. Step 04

    Repeat it with the remaining cookies to make more spiders.

  5. Step 05

    Use a spoon to transfer the melted chocolate chips into a small resealable plastic bag. Make a hole in a corner at the bottom of the bag to use as a piping bag.

  6. Step 06

    Pipe the chocolate to draw the eight legs on each Oreo Spider’s body.

  7. Step 07

    Use the melted chocolate piping to attach the mini candy button eyes on the spider’s head. Let it stand until the chocolate is firm. Halloween Oreo Spiders are ready!

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